Car Rental in Haapsalu

Ilves Motors is your gateway to affordable and reliable car rental in Haapsalu.

Whether you’re need a temporary set of wheels for work or planning a family road trip in Estonia, we offer a wide selection of low-cost cars to suit your budget.

With a user-friendly online booking platform, reserving your car is easy as it gets.

Experience the freedom of the open road without breaking the bank.

Start your journey today!

Ford Mondeo

Diesel, manual, 85kW, Air conditioning

An economical work animal with enough space in the trunk to carry an elephant or suitcases. Hook.

1-3 days: €32/day
4-9 days: €27/day
10+ days: €21/day

ford autorent haapsalus

Peugeot 508

Diesel, automatic, air conditioning, 120kW

A comfortable, elegant, as well as safe sedan with good driving characteristics. Hook.

1-3 days: €35/day
4-9 days: €30/day
10> days: €25/day

peugeot rent haapsalu

Volkswagen Touran

Automatic, gasoline, climate control, cruise control, 103kW

Stylish and versatile car, perfect for both family trips and daily use.

1-3 days: €37/day
4-9 days: €32/day
10+ days: €27/day

touran rental haapsalu

Hyundai i20

Bensiin, kliima, manuaal, 74kW

With the Hyundai i20 rental, you can enjoy driving pleasure, style, and efficiency all in one package

1-3 days: €32/day
4-9 days: €27/day
10+ days: €21/day

hyundai-i20-rent-haapsalus (1)

Ford Fiesta

Petrol, manual, climate, 74kW

A practical and comfortable hatchback car.

1-3 days: €32/day
4-9 days: €27/day
10+ days: €21/day

Toyota Auris

Petrol, manual, air conditioning, trolley hook, 91kW

A small and practical rental car for both long and short trips.

1-3 days: €32/day
4-9 days: €27/day
10+ days: €21/day


Roof Box Rental

Need extra space? Add a roof box to your own or rental car! Ideal for ski trips, hikes, and family vacations. Easy to install, secure, and weatherproof.


General Car Rental Terms

  • Payment: Payment for the car rental is made before the start of the rental period in cash, by bank card or by transfer.
  • Fuel: The car is rented with a full tank of fuel. The car must also be returned with a full tank or the missing amount must be paid in addition.
  • Insurance: Deductible in case of traffic accident €300


In addition to Haapsalu, we can also issue or return a rental car elsewhere at an additional cost:

  • Haapsalu €0
  • Läänemaa €50
  • Tallinn €100
  • Elsewhere – price by agreement

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